Verify students’ language proficiency & enable them to begin their studies at an Imperial English UK Academy!

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Conduct an English Assessment

Learners sit the English Diagnostic Assessment ( EDA )

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Assign a Course Option

Recommend a course option to

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Assign a Course Level

Recommend a suitable course level to learners

Course Registration

Verify students language proficiency & enable them to begin their course
Step 1

Students complete the Initial English test

Step 2

Teachers mark the Initial English tests

Step 3

Enroll students on courses based on test results

English Diagnostic Assessment Components

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  • 45 minutes
  • 45 multiple
    choice questions
  • 45 Marks
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  • 1 hour
  • 2 Tasks
    Part A
    Part B
  • 40 Marks
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  • 40 minutes
  • 60 fill the
  • 60 Marks
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Listening & Speaking

  • 20-30 minutes
  • Record answers to 16 questions
  • 64 Marks
  • The Initial English Test should take students 2 hours 45 minutes (maximum time allowance). On average most students complete within an hour
  • The test can be completed independently. There is no need for a teacher to be present.
  • The grammar & reading components are marked automatically. The writing & speaking is marked by a teacher.


Step : 1

Learner enquires about a course at an Imperial English UK Academy.

Step : 2

The Academy Administrator provides learners with:

  • The course information
  • EDA details
  • The agreed date / time / location of EDA
  • The Academy Franchise Code
  • When and how they can expect to hear from the Academy after the assessment
Step : 3

Learners register on the EDA Student App using the provided Franchise Code. Upon registration an automated email confirmation with their student ID will also be generated. The Academy Administrator is to advise learners to keep this email safe.

Step : 4

Once the learner has completed the EDA, the Academy Administrator needs to log into the Academy Management Portal and assign the learner to a teacher to complete the marking process.

Step : 5

The assigned teacher should log into the EDA Teacher App and complete the marking process.

Step : 6

The learner is notified of their EDA level automatically via an email and can also view their report by logging in on the EDA Student App.

When organising the EDA for students to take to test their level of English, please note:

  • The number of learners.
  • The availability of rooms/space.
  • The availability of tablets that are sufficiently charged.
  • The availability of headphones.
  • The availability of internet connection.
  • The availability of paper and pens to allow students to make notes during the grammar, reading, and writing sections of the assessment.
  • During the speaking test, administrators should remember to ensure that one room is available for each individual speaking appointment, and to separate each speaking appointment by 25 minutes.
  • Please note that students are NOT PERMITTED to make notes for the listening & speaking section of the assessment.

The assessment should take learners between 2.5 hours to 3 hours to complete. It is recommended you provide them with a short break in between.

⦁ EDA – Demo & Instructions
⦁ Grammar Assessment
⦁ Writing Assessment
⦁ Reading Assessment
⦁ Break (10 minutes)
⦁ Speaking appointments begin - one student at a time

Remind learners they can access their student ID by email if they didn’t note it at the time of registration.


  • 10 Inch, Android 8 Tablet + External keyboard

  • Functioning microphone, speakers & minimum kitkat OS

  • 2 GB Ram

  • Reliable Internet Connection

  • Headphones

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When and where can students take the English Diagnostic Assessment?

It is up to the academy to organise the location / date / time of the EDA.

How much does the English Diagnostic Assessment cost?

There is no cost for the EDA, however academies may wish to charge students a minimum fee for their time and services offered.

How long does it take to do the English Diagnostic Assessment?

The EDA takes approximately 2.5 - 3 hours to complete. However, if the Academy Administrator wishes to organise the day differently or add breaks, then this time may change.

How often can learners take the English Diagnostic Assessment?

Before registering any student on an Imperial English UK Academy course, they must sit the EDA. In most cases students will register on a course soon after completing the EDA. If this is not the case and they delay the course start by 10-12 weeks they should be asked to re-sit the EDA.
The same rule applies for students who have completed a level of study with the Imperial English UK Academy and have taken a break of 10-12 weeks. In this case, students should be asked to sit the EDA again to determine their current level of English.
Once registered on any course they students do not require to sit the EDA assessment.

What rules do learners need to follow while taking the English Diagnostic Assessment?

This test has been designed to help assess the students’ initial level of English and offer them a suitable course thereafter. If a student cheats, they would be assigned a level of study that is not suitable for them. Therefore it is important for the Academy Administrator to ensure that someone is available to monitor the students while they sit the assessment to avoid such incidents.

Can learners take notes during the test?

Students can be permitted to take notes during the grammar, writing and reading sections of the assessment. However, they should not be allowed to take notes during the listening & speaking section of the assessment.

Can learners use their phone or other electronic devices during the test?

Students should not be permitted to use any electronic device other than the tablet while sitting the EDA. Academy Administrators should ensure that students are asked to put away their electronic devices in their bags, with silent mode switched on so that other students taking the test are not disturbed.

Can learners wear headphones or earbuds during the English Diagnostic Assessment?

Every student will need to be provided with their own set of headphones to listen to the audio instructions.

What should learners bring with them on the day of the assessment?

The Academy Administrator should inform the student if they are required to bring anything the day they sit the EDA. The Academy Administrator needs to ensure the student has headphones and a working tablet that has the EDA Student App installed on it.

If there is a technical error while taking the English Diagnostic Assessment what should learners do?

If there is a technical error whilst completing the EDA, students should note the issue and inform the Academy Administrator immediately. The Academy Administrator should note the student email ID and student ID and contact technical support to resolve the issue. The student IDs will be available on the student’s email once they register.

How is the English Diagnostic Assessment marked?

Once the student has completed the EDA, the Academy Administrator must log in to the Academy Management Portal. When they are logged in, they must select the EDA section. From this section, they must assign students to teachers to complete the marking process. When teachers have been assigned the teacher has the ability to log in to the EDA Teacher App, where the records of the students who have been assigned to them will be available for marking.

How long does it take to receive the results?

This is dependent on the individual academy and the time taken by teachers to complete the marking process.

Where can learners find their test results?

Students will be informed of their results via an email and can access the information on the EDA Student App.

Who do I contact with further questions?

For any further questions regarding the EDA process, the Student or Teacher Apps you should contact the Imperial English UK representatives for further information.